Happy Food

This beer is pale, with golden hues and a touch of haze. Carbonation is very active, maintaining a good one-third inch of foam lacing on top with a bit of stick. Aroma is soft, herbal, minty and pleasant. Very smooth, with a consistent malty feel on the palate, which is interrupted by a sharp carbonation bite and followed by a lemony smack of noble hops along with a unique underlying minty leaf flavor. The sweetness on this beer is low, which is good; there’s also some graininess in the back. We tasted thin citric rinds toward the finish, with a drying, lingering semi-husky grain.

Very smooth on the palate with a creamy carbonation buildup, seltzery feel and tonic-water bite. This is followed by a quick and sharp tannic tartness that oddly lingers in the background and into the finish. Layered on top of this is something quite sweet, but not cloying, with a rosewater-like base, notes of strawberries, faint berry-like sourness, white grapes, orange pith, floral honey, over-ripe peach meat, pear juice, hints of mint, and a cutting peppery edge that segues into a somewhat-spicy and increasingly warming booziness, thanks to its 8 percent alcohol by volume. Pleasingly herbal, akin to sweetened cold Chinese tea. Light tannins linger in the bone-dry, powdery finish.