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About – Sannn


Pours fizzy, creating a beige/eggshell-colored foamy head thats dense image and wonderfully laced, sticking to the glass and also retaining magnificently. In fact, the lacing stays until the end. Beneath, a deep brown brew with rich tawny hues. This beer has some serious legs. Complex aromas: soft and powdery on the nose, with aromas of malt, chocolate chip cookie dough and a deep-rooted fruitiness, notes of plum skins, spicy phenols and a soft bready yeast character.

Delicate, crisp, and refreshing, this wit makes for a fantastic lawnmower beer, and the perfect refreshment after a day in the mountains. Pale straw in color with a fluffy white head. A distinct bready aroma from the unmalted wheat and Belgian yeast. Lightly sweet, a touch of fruity esters, and just a hint of orange and coriander, with a dry and slightly tart finish. Yes please may I have some more.

Ordered by the pint, the orange-colored beer shimmers with deep red and brown hues, and is topped with a healthy lace. The nose offers a very soft, mixed bag of spices and faint notes of pumpkin meat beneath some maltiness. The aroma is delicate at first, opening up as the beer warms. Carbonation is tight on the palate, a bit sharp. More soft and powdery spices emerge, reminiscent of the holidays. The pumpkin is subtle, with hints of starch. There’s just enough malty sweetness as not to overwhelm the spicing or pumpkin, with an interesting bit of burnt sugar around the edges and, at times, suggestions of oranges. No real bitterness to speak of, but there’s a thin sourness that awakens the palate. Some huskiness as the beer warms, with a dry finish and faint spice linger. Overall, the beer is quite dry.