The perfect healthy sandwich

Body is light, and the mouthfeel smooth. The palate gathers apple peel, light clove notes and a thin sweetness that’s touched with caramel. In the middle, ripe and juicy fresh wheat malt with pear edge, while a husky, grainy, wheat twang livens things up. Suggestions of bubblegum are noted. There’s very little bitterness, but a slight lemony sourness, banana pith and light hop leaf character that, combined, increase the perceived bitterness. Yeast is rather neutral, a bit chalky. Some medicinal phenols show through toward the finish. Finish dries the palate, with a lingering wheat and barley husk.

Pours fizzy, creating a beige/eggshell-colored foamy head thats dense image and wonderfully laced, sticking to the glass and also retaining magnificently. In fact, the lacing stays until the end. Beneath, a deep brown brew with rich tawny hues. This beer has some serious legs. Complex aromas: soft and powdery on the nose, with aromas of malt, chocolate chip cookie dough and a deep-rooted fruitiness, notes of plum skins, spicy phenols and a soft bready yeast character.