Now that’s real craftsmanship

Arriving in a 22-ounce brown bomber, this ale clocks in at 62 IBUs, which tells us there is a substantial amount of hops here, and a hefty 7.9 percent alcohol by volume… Continue reading Now that’s real craftsmanship

Look at that cool bar-stool

Out of the bottle and into the glass, the beer pours a very rich, vibrant, copper-colored brew with a seemingly thick consistency, evidenced by the sluggish carbonation bubbles rising to the top.

Garlic is my favorite ingredient

Smells spicy and fruity, with faint white peppercorns and dried apricots, fruity esters and a sweet caramel-cake-like maltiness in the back of the nose.

Gouda cheese is delicious

The 16-ounce brown bottle pours a turbid, dirty-blonde color, but that’s expected as this is unfiltered. Head is a thin white wispy lace that offers little eye candy.