Gouda cheese is delicious

The 16-ounce brown bottle pours a turbid, dirty-blonde color, but that’s expected as this is unfiltered. Head is a thin white wispy lace that offers little eye candy.

The body is rounded and smooth, but with a tingly carbonation on the palate and an aggressive tartness that breaks things up. Juicy raw apple flavors dominate, along with a sharp Granny Smith bite and rough banana pith. Little sweetness, but fruity at times, and no discerning hop character. Underlying soft and powdery spices. Quite dry overall, and especially in the finish.

Delicate, crisp, and refreshing, this wit makes for a fantastic lawnmower beer, and the perfect refreshment after a day in the mountains. Pale straw in color with a fluffy white head. A distinct bready aroma from the unmalted wheat and Belgian yeast. Lightly sweet, a touch of fruity esters, and just a hint of orange and coriander, with a dry and slightly tart finish. Yes please may I have some more.