Enjoying coffee and cake

This quad is insanely fluffy-smooth on the palate, with an even, full-body and semi-sharp carbonation edge that knocks the silky bliss down for a moment. The softness returns as a mildly sweet malt profile, with dried raisins, powdery dark chocolate, sweet cherries soaked in alcohol and a slight tartness of strawberries.

Hop character coats with a leafy feel on the palate, yielding a delicate noble hop bitterness, as well as a touch of cheesiness and pithiness. This melds with spicy phenols, which lends a slight medicinal flavor that wanders within the spicy alcohol and heat. Finish is very dry, with residual yeast and crackery lingers.

The 22-ounce brown bomber pours with a thickness and leaves three fingers of stodgy head. A head that does not want to move. Slightly hazy reddish-amber color. Spicy herbal hops with suggestions of wintergreen, pine sap and grapefruit rind. Some alcoholic fruity esters, rum, cane sugar and toasted malt in the nose as well. So damn smooth and creamy, with a sumptuously full body. Light brown sugar on the palate, then a fume of well-placed alcohol, and then the hops show up bitter as ever, but not a sharp bitterness or astringency. Big tobacco, citrus rind, pine sap and mint flavor from the hops stick to the taste buds for a while. Lots of malt behind the hops; toasted bread, caramel and yeast dough come to mind. A bit fruity with pineapple, papaya and ripe mango. Sting of alcohol in the end with a bittersweet finish.