Look at that cool bar-stool

Out of the bottle and into the glass, the beer pours a very rich, vibrant, copper-colored brew with a seemingly thick consistency, evidenced by the sluggish carbonation bubbles rising to the top.

Topped with a very healthy, thick, slightly off-white foam head, the beer’s lacing is tight and creamy, sticking to the glass and retaining very well. Complex piney and resin-y hop nose with gentle floral notes and a bit of a peppery and spicy rye edge tucked within.¬†Aroma suggests something sweet, with malty caramel up front, loads of enticing ripe fruits, then alcohol.

Nose shows some clove and banana bread, with a soft wheat-husk background, nutty yeast, hints of citrus and a brush of floral. In the mouth, the beer is smooth on the palate, light and uplifting. The palate is piqued by crisp carbonation and a watery, lemony edge that segues into a slightly grassy wheat twang, with very soft phenolic imageclover-like and thin banana flavors. Pithy floral, nutty yeast, gummy notes. Hops are non-existent, but somewhat expected for the style. Malt characters are weak, lending just a hint of residual sweetness. The finish on this brew is bone dry, with a mouthful of rough and husky tannins and yeast flavors that, unfortunately, linger long past their welcome.