Now that’s real craftsmanship

Arriving in a 22-ounce brown bomber, this ale clocks in at 62 IBUs, which tells us there is a substantial amount of hops here, and a hefty 7.9 percent alcohol by volume speaks for itself.

Compared to the aroma, the ginger character is very tame in the flavor, while a lemony bitterness puckers things up just a bit. Light pale malt sweetness, while the wildflower honey used is well-attenuated, leaving behind a pleasing floral note and slight remnants of raw honey. Hints of cardamom, with a lingering raw and semi-astringent pith, husky and wheat-like character in the finish. The tannins throughout the beer, especially in the finish, took a lot away from allowing the subtleties of the brew to shine. Interesting, but not refreshing or overly drinkable.

This beer pours a rich amber, with a touch of haze; its eggshell-colored head drops to a respectable lacing that sticks to the glass. Hearty malt aroma, with bread crusts, a touch of caramel and wood, and soft floral hops tucked within a slightly lagery sulfur character. Smooth on the palate, with a creamy carbonation that tickles the tongue from behind with a crisp edge. Malts are quite bready and toasty, with a thin caramel sweetness beneath and a nutty malt finish. Spicy, herbal and citric hop flavors liven things up, provide balance and pique interest. Faint sourness, with some gritty roasty notes emerging as the beer warms. Finish is mild, not overly drying at all, but dry enough, with a residual grist feel.